Rahu Ketu Transit – January 2016

Rahu and Ketu

Planetary transitions (movement of energies)

Moon is the fastest moving planet with only around 2 ½ days in one house (rasi). For example moon moves from Pisces house (Meena rasi) to the next house Aries (Mesha rasi) in 2 ½ days.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet among all. It takes around 2 ½ years to move from one house to the other.

When these planets a.k.a energies move from one house to the other (gochara), they impact that house and therefore the person in both positive and negative ways depending on the planet’s strength, aspects, type of house and many other related factors.

We generally do not worry or want to know about the fast moving planets and their impacts on us because by the time we realize and react, they have now moved to the next house.

However, slow moving planets stay for a longer time in a house and therefore cause deeper and greater impacts to us than the fast moving ones.

In general, we focus on the Saturn transition (2 ½ years), Rahu Ketu transition (1 ½ years) and Jupiter transition (1 year).

As of today (11/29/2015), Saturn is in Scorpio since November 2014, Jupiter is in Leo since August 2015 and Rahu and Ketu are in Virgo and Pisces respectively since July 2014. It is now almost time for Rahu and Ketu to transition. In January 2016, Rahu and Ketu will transition from Virgo to Leo and from Pisces to Aquarius respectively.

So what does this Rahu and Ketu transition mean to us?

Before we look into the impacts to the various houses from Rahu and Ketu transition, let’s look into the two powerful energies Rahu and Ketu and what they actually mean.

This will not only help us understand their transition and their impacts, but will also help us increase the awareness and change our perspective on life for better.

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are the two most mysterious planets among all. As many of us know Rahu and Ketu are not real planets but shadow planets. They are the two nodes of the Moon, the north node and south node respectively.

Rahu energy represents the head of the dragon and Ketu its body (Rahu is head with no body and Ketu is body with no head).

Since they represent the head and body of the same dragon, they are always opposite each other and function opposite too. Also, being opposite, they aspect each other.

You can see this astrologically in one’s natal chart. They are always 7 houses apart from each other. If Rahu is in the first (Lagna) house, Ketu will be in the 7th house and vice versa. Thus they function opposite too. Rahu in first focuses on the self and Ketu in 7th pertains to one’s relationship with others.

If Rahu is in 4th, Ketu will be in 10th (always 7 houses apart).

Also keep in mind Rahu represents one’s future karma and Ketu represents one’s past karma. What does this mean?

Rahu will be placed in that house pertaining to the areas where we are inane, naïve, inexperienced and need to gain experience in these. It will make us focus on these areas. Through the process of gaining experiences in these unexposed areas, we focus, we act, we learn and thus bag our karmas both good and bad.

Ketu will be placed in that house pertaining to the areas where we are a pro, where we have gained immense experience in previous births and thus do not need to focus on these areas in this birth.

Hence we see the significance of these shadow planets and the crucial roles they play in driving our actions towards acquiring our karma.

This is a very important and prime knowledge in astrology and this awareness will help us understand the areas we need to focus on and the areas in our life we have to accept and honor rather than worry about not getting them.

For example, if Ketu is in 10th (Rahu is in 4th), then you may not be able to climb up the ladder in your career. Some of you may not be able to go to higher positions in your job or satisfy your career dreams. Unless otherwise with or aspected by other beneficial planets, the situation may not improve. This means you have gained immense experience in this area in the previous births and have to move forward focusing on the home, improving it and doing all it needs for home improvement, where Rahu is. This is where the focus has to be in this birth.

Ketu will not give you the benefits of that house where it is placed. All it says is, come on wake up, you have had enough in this area of expertise. Now step up and focus on the areas where Rahu is.

This is a wonderful knowledge and this awareness will help us greatly in taking things easy where needed and focusing on areas where needed.


Rahu -> desires -> action -> future karma

Rahu represents the head and hence represents the intellect. It represents worldliness and is materialistic. It rouses materialistic desires or in other words desires on all that we can see (Rahu is head and head has the eyes).

Rahu gives you attachment and engulfs you in this attachment.

It gives materialistic intoxication.

Rahu gives you materialistic desire, say for example it gives you the desire to buy a smart phone. Now, you need money to buy the smart phone. You have to earn the money needed. It puts you into action. You are in constant action to get what you want. You run to satisfy your desires. You work, you earn, you buy what you want, or you may not, in the process you build up stress, or you have more money, then you keep it for yourself or you give the extra money away, you are in seva… thus in whatever you do, you are in constant action and in this process you build good and bad karmas and the root cause of all these is the materialistic desire that Rahu gave you. Rahu is the push behind you to make you run after your desires.

Rahu is also a lusty energy and lust is a worldly desire.

Thus we see how Rahu makes us attain future karma, both good and bad.

Now, what kind of materialistic desires does Rahu give us? It depends on where Rahu is placed in our natal chart and this is based on our karma.


Ketu -> past karma -> already experienced in past -> will not give those in this birth

Ketu is detachment. Ketu is a mystical energy. It retracts itself from worldliness.

Ketu is moksha karaka, enlightenment. Here is how it helps with enlightenment. It is opposite to Rahu. It does not give us desires and helps with detachment. If no desires, then no karma, if no karma then that’s the path to enlightenment isn’t it?

Thus Ketu if well placed, helps us move up the ladder of spirituality.

Ketu with moon puts one in other worldly places either in fantasy or in spirituality. This depends on the nature of moon in one’s chart. Hitler had Ketu with moon and his mind was inflated with fantasy thoughts. Whereas, Ramana Maharishi also had Ketu with moon, but he was led to the path of spirituality.

Ketu gives psychic ability, rules over astrologers, and penetrating insights (like clairvoyant)

Ketu is not the way, but points the way.

The study of the nodes Rahu and Ketu with moon is a separate one by itself.

Now, are you all set for the transition? Lookout for the Gochara predictions for Rahu Ketu transit for all rasis (houses) soon.