Swami Vivekananda

Born as Naredranath Dutta on January 12th, 1863 in Calcutta, Swami Vivekanada was the disciple of Saint Ramakrishna.

A closer look at his birth chart shows when Naredranath Dutta became Swami Vivekananda and why and when he attained moksha. He was Kanni rasi, Hastha nakshatra. (See Chart shown below).

As we see his chart, Sagittarius was rising (Ascendant) and Sun was in the 1st house. Sun in Sagittarius, In Jupiter’s house is good. Sun was comfortable. Also, Sun is in the highest degree, which was his strong Atmakaraka.

Ascendant lord Jupiter is in 11th house, which is house of gains.

Jupiter here was the lord of the 4th and 11th houses. It is not a malefic, which is good. Libra is air sign. It is a diplomatic, social sign, inclining to associating with people for fraternity (group association).

Jupiter in 11th, the house of gains, his nature was to make connections.

Mars is in 5th in its own sign, Aries. In general, if Mars is in Aries, it is very passionate and wants everything for himself.

However, Mars is aspected by Jupiter, as its 7th aspect and Jupiter is aspected by Mars. In the Navamsa also they aspect each other. So we see how the Mars Jupiter connection continued in Navamsa.

This means what he wanted for him he wanted that for others too. This is a strong sense of fraternity. 5th house is for one’s mind, and Jupiter aspecting it gave a philosophical, spiritual and open mind.

Mars in Aries makes the person a rebel, but Mars with Jupiter makes the person a rebel with a cause. Yes, Swami Vivekananda was a rebel with a cause!

Mars ruled 5th house and 12 house. He took the spiritual ideas to foreign country (12th is for foreign country).

5th house is purva punya sthana. So what is the punya he carried from his previous lives? Great courage, strong and non-wavering mind, ability to achieve. We see how his punya from previous lives continued.

12th and 5th house lord aspected 1st and 4th house lord (we see these are two Dharma and Moksha house lords).

In general, through the houses and the planets the ascendant lord is connected with, the soul’s purpose of life is revealed. This is what we see here. We see how the purpose was carried over from the past through the purva punya sthana.

2nd house is for communication and the lord is Mercury. In his chart, Mercury along with Venus was in the 2nd house, Capricorn which is Saturn’s house. Saturn was in Virgo. This interchange with Mercury in Saturn’s house and Saturn in Mercury’s house is called parivarthana Yoga (It is like Mercury in its own house and Saturn in its own house).

Also, from Moon, Jupiter was in the 2nd house. This gave him a sweet speech.

To determine the quality of mind, we look at the moon. Moon was in Virgo. He was analytic, utilitarian and practical. Saturn being a malefic, gave detachment to the mind. The soul came with detachment and dissatisfaction. Saturn and Moon were separated in the navamsa and so this helped with bringing down the depression we saw in the rasi chart with the Saturn moon combination.

Moon is in Hastha. This meant he was creative, industrious in work, practical, sweet smile, attractive, made quick friendships, remained unattached, had many ups and downs in life.

Moon and Saturn aspected 4th house as their 7th aspect. 4th house is for home, mother, happiness. He was away from house.

He was born in Moon – Saturn dasa. Moon dasa was till 1867 (4 years).

Mars dasa was for the next 7 years (ages 4 to 11) till 1974.

He was enthusiastic and competitive.

Then, Rahu dasa for the next 18 years (ages 11 to 29)

In his chart, Rahu was in 12th and Ketu in 6th. Rahu was in the 12th house, in Scorpio, which is Mar’s house. This made him enthusiastic and passionate about 12th house matters, which was spirituality. 12th house is also for loses which we will see shortly.

Rahu was aspected by Ketu, Mars and Saturn.

This was when he met his Guru, Ramakrishna. In Rahu dasa, with Rahu in 12th, the spiritual house, aspected by Ketu (the mystical planet), and Mars (the lord of 5th house (purva punya)), he met the Mystical Saint Ramakrishna.

Rahu creates doubts, and Vivekananda did not first accept Ramakrishna as his Guru. He rebelled against his ideas.

Sun, the lord of 9th is in the 1st. 9th is for father, and in Rahu – Mercury dasa (with Rahu in 12th), he lost his father.

Rahu – Mercury dasa – his family bankrupt.

In 1886, Rahu – Ketu dasa, he lost his Guru.

12th house definitely proves to be the house of losses in his case.

Also, in Rahu – Mars dasa (which ended the Rahu dasa), he got the name Swami Vivekananda.

(that was loss of his earthly name with Rahu in 12th and gain of a Spiritual name more from Mars antardasa due to his purva punya).

1893 when Jupiter dasa started, he was 30 years old by then.

In 1893, he arrived in the US. On September 11th, 1893, he gave his famous speech on religious tolerance. Overnight he becomes a celebrity, with Sun in the self in Jupiter’s house, and Jupiter the ascendant lord in 11th in Jupiter dasa.

Many good things happened in Jupiter dasa. He met Margaret Elizabeth Noble an Irish woman who became Sister Nivedita.

He got many followers during Jupiter dasa.

His Guru Ramakrishna said that Vivekananda will leave his body when he knows who he is.

On July 4th, 1902, in Jupiter – Venus dasa, at age 39, 5 months, 24 days he passed away.

When he came to the dasa of the ruler of the 1st (Jupiter dasa) he came into self recognition and he decided to leave his body and go into maha samadhi.

Swami Vivekananda – What a mark he made!!Swami Vivekananda