Guru is one of the most commonly used words today. In today’s world, someone who is an expert in a field is called a Guru. Someone who can guide you with their knowledge and expertise in a specific field is a Guru.

In the actual sense, A Guru or Master is an enlightened being who has already been there and seen ‘That’ and hence will guide you in your spiritual path towards the ultimate goal.

A Guru is a window through which one can see the sky.

Guru literally means remover of ignorance. A Guru removes the ignorance of the disciple and shows the path to the ultimate truth, enlightenment.

Above all, A Guru is not a physical being. A Guru is not a person. Guru is a principle; it is a Tatva.

To understand Guru Tatva better, let’s revisit karma and how the karma traps the soul. The trapped soul longs for freedom; it longs for liberation.

Let’s imagine the soul as a ball of air tied around by the thread of karma.


As we keep accumulating karma, the ball of air is surrounded by the thread more and more. Every time we get rid of a karma the thread keeps unwinding from the ball. In our numerous lifetimes as humans, the karmic thread keeps winding and unwinding around the ball of air as we gain a karma or get rid of one. At any given time, the ball of air, in other words, our soul is always tied around by the karmic thread, little or more.

Once we get rid of all the karmas we carry, the last bit of thread unwinds, and the ball of air has nothing to hold it together and so releases and mixes up with the rest of the air outside. In other words, the soul gets dissolved into the higher consciousness.

When a fully blown balloon is popped, the air inside the balloon mixes up with the rest of the air outside. After this, there is no way to pull together exactly the same air that was inside the balloon.

Similarly, once the soul dissolves into the higher consciousness, the individual soul cannot be pulled out separately. Thus all enlightened souls are dissolved into this one higher consciousness.

The souls of great Masters of the past including Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Yogananda and all countless enlightened Masters are all dissolved into that one higher consciousness.

Based on the need of the time, a Guru or a Master is born into this world from the higher consciousness. Since this soul (ball of air) comes from the higher consciousness, this soul that is born now constitutes that of Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and all other Gurus or enlightened Masters (for there is no way to separate this ball of  air to distinguish Krishna’s soul from that of Buddha’s). It has ingredients of all enlightened souls that were previously dissolved in the higher consciousness.

Bow to this living Guru.

A living enlightened Master today, standing in front of us, is made up of all the enlightened Masters of the past

Thus we see how a Guru is not a person, it is a tatva or principle that goes beyond the human realm. It is divine.

Buddha came to this world when there was so much chattering in the mind. He came when there was misery, sorrow and ignorance. He came to show people the path to get rid of the misery; to get rid of the chattering mind by going into silence. Buddha is silence. That is why wherever we see a Buddha statue, we see him meditating; we see him in silence.

Jesus came to this world when there was so much hatred. Jesus came to spread love. Jesus is love.

In today’s world, the one thing that scares everyone is stress. Even a child has stress today. In this fast moving world, we need ways to overcome this monster. Today’s enlightened Masters or Gurus have come to help people with this. All breathing exercises, pranayama, yoga and meditation are focused to get rid of the stress.

Once in spiritual path, it is essential to have a Guru to help guide us, but is that our job to choose our Guru? It is the other way round. The Guru chooses the disciple when he / she is ready. After all, a Guru is not a person, it is a Tatva or principle guiding us.

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