Super Blue Blood Moon

Lunar eclipse on Jan 31st 2018 – Super Blue Red Moon

The lunar eclipse that happens on 31st January 2018 is a Red moon because it is a complete eclipse. It is also a Blue Moon because it is the second full moon this month. It is a Super Moon too because it is a full moon closer to the earth (Perigee).

Super Moon

Moon, takes around 29 days to go around the earth. The moon’s orbit around the earth is kind of elliptical, with one side closer to the earth than the other. The point on the moon’s orbit that is closest to the Earth is called the Perigee and the point farthest away from the Earth is called the Apogee.

This means the Moon hits the Perigee and the Apogee once a month (once at the Perigee and once at the apogee). If it happens to be a full moon or a new moon at the Perigee, then it is called a Perigee Moon astronomically, and referred to as a Super Moon astrologically.

Blue Moon

That which occurs rarely is referred to as ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. Gregorian calendar that we usually follow has 30 and 31 days alternatively with 28 or 29 days in February. A lunar calendar (based on moon’s orbit around the earth) takes about 29 and ½ days to go around the earth and so one lunar month has 29 ½ days.

Typically we see one full moon and one new moon in a month (Gregorian). However, since a lunar month has less days than the Gregorian month, in every two years, we see two full moons in a month.

Blood Moon

As the name indicates, blood moon means red moon. This occurs during a complete lunar eclipse. Though the moon is completely blocked by the earth from the sun, some sunlight reaches the moon’s surface and it shows up as red moon.

Astrological Perspective – Super Blue Blood Moon

Astrologically a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are directly opposite (7 houses apart) and the luminaries (sun and moon) are both with the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. Jan 31st 2018 Moon will be with Rahu in Cancer in Ayilyam (ashlesha) nakshatra and Sun is already in Capricorn in Thiruvonam (Shranvana) along with Ketu. These two luminaries aspect each other.

The chart below shows the planetary positions as of 31st Jan 2018. Capricorn is heavily populated with 4 planets Sun, Ketu, Venus and Mercury. Cancer has Moon and Rahu. More the planets, more complicated it gets with too many planets aspecting each other. Also, Moon indicates the mind and Rahu intoxicates the mind. Sun represents the self; the soul and Ketu is a mystical energy. This means both the mind and self will get intoxicated and highly mystical. This is the best time to refrain one from the worldy activities and focus on going inward. This is the time to meditate. Chant Om Namah Shivaya to remove all planetary activities!!

super blue red moon

Go out and watch the big red moon!! Happy moon watching!!

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