Floods in many places – analysis from a Vedic astrology standpoint

Tried analyzing the current weather calamities, especially the storm and flooding in Houston and Louisiana and also the heavy flooding in Southeast Asia especially in Nepal, Bangladesh and India, including the current flooding in Mumbai from a vedic astrology standpoint.

The following vedic astrology chart shows the planetary positions as of 28th August 8:00 am EST. (Ignore the ascendant in the chart. This is only to show where the kochara planets are currently in). Notice the heavily concentrated Leo (Simma rasi) sign. There’s Rahu, Mars, Sun and Mercury all in Magha nakshatra, with Mercury retrograding. Leo is a hot sign, owned by the Sun. This is joined by Mars, another fiery planet. Rahu is a catastrophic planet and Mercury here is not just combusted but also retrograding.

Magha nakshatra is a powerful star, but when aspected by malefics it becomes a krura or ugra nakshatra which can be related to cruel or fierce activities.

The Leo sign is aspected apparently by Ketu from Aquarius and by Saturn from Scorpio. Saturn is air / windy in nature and is a malefic. Scorpio is a water sign. A malefic windy planet from a water sign aspecting a heavily concentrated house with malefics (catastrophic Rahu, retrograding Mercury and forceful Mars), causes the storm and heavy flooding. Although Moon is with Saturn, it is quite fast moving, so will not consider that for now, though it contributes significantly.




Good thing is the upcoming Rahu Ketu transit on September 9th will reduce the impacts and also Mercury will get back from retrograde to normal on September 6th. However one thing to keep in mind is that Mars has just moved to Leo and will be there for more than a month. Mars is a planet that causes things to happen suddenly. Mars being aspected by Saturn is not a good deal.

Bottom line,  it is not just the Saturn aspecting from a water sign that caused the floods. It is Rahu and other malefics in Leo, especially in Magha nakshatra. It is a combination that caused these floods and damages. Remember, truth is multidimensional, not linear!!

Also, want to emphasize that this combination of Saturn in Scorpio and Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius is a very rare occurrence, not in the next 100 years for sure.  This is a bad time of the year for many from the beginning of this year 2017 until the Rahu Ketu transit in September. There were many unexpected events including several political disasters, power mongering, sudden loss of loved ones (like the loss of 63 children in UP without oxygen – air), and of course the weather calamities.

Let’s pray for the nature to calm down. Also, this is high time we focus on saving our environment!! This is the law of Karma isn’t it? The boomerang effect!!


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