Jallikattu Protest – Astrological Analysis

Yeru Thazhuvudhal or commonly known as Jallikattu is the traditional sport of Tamilians ageing back to the Sangam period or perhaps even before that. For the last few years there were several controversies on Jallikattu and in 2014 the Supreme Court banned this sport forever in Tamil Nadu. The reason behind playing Jallikattu and the justification slowly spread among the common man including the urban society.

A huge protest (not seen ever before in Tamil Nadu) to remove the ban on Jallikattu was started all over the world from the 16th till 23rd. On 23rd morning, the protest that went peacefully till then was brought to an end by the Tamil Nadu police force through violence.

Why did the protest happen now and not the last two years? Why was this a peaceful protest? Why was this a youth initiated one? Why did it end tragically with violence instigated by the police force? Here’s the astrological relevance to this as the drama unfolded.

I have charts laid out for Chennai for 3 days, 15th, 17th and 23rd. Let’s see how the heat was built up before the protest was initiated on 16th. Then, let’s take a look on 17th to see how it slowly grew big and peaceful and then the chart on 23rd to see why it ended up in a tragic note.

Chart for 15th


Every year, Jallikattu typically happens on the day of Maattu Pongal, the day after Pongal. This falls on 15th during non-leap years.

In the astrological chart, Sun represents the central position; the government; the boss. Sun’s house is Leo and now Rahu is in Leo. Rahu is a planet of politics.

Apparently, Ketu is 7 houses from Rahu, in Aquarius, which is Saturn’s house. Saturn represents the common people, democracy, responsibilities, austerity and discipline.

Rahu and Ketu are generally the cause for great conflicts. Rahu and Ketu aspect each other. This means with the current positions of Rahu and Ketu, the government and people are opposite each other.  They conflict each other.

We also see, Rahu is with the Moon on the 15th. The Moon indicates mind and emotions. When Rahu and Ketu are with the Moon (one with it and the other aspecting it), it gives perception to the Moon. It has a magnetic mind and this has the ability to influence people. Thus we see how people were influenced and magnetically pulled together for this cause.

Ketu is a sadhu. It is a mystical planet. The protest was satvic but huge. Being mystical it gave a different world experience as no one expected this huge crowd. Ketu also represents the past. Jallikattu is a tradition of the past.

There are two main reasons why this huge protest did not happen the last two years, but at this time. First, because Rahu is in Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius. The King and the people are always opposite, but this time we have the two great malefics sitting there. This is bound to cause conflicts.

So why not the last month or the months before, when Rahu and Ketu were still there?

The second reason is because Sun (representing the king, the government) just entered into Capricorn on 14th, which is Saturn’s another own house. Moreover, Sun is now aspected by Saturn (representing the people) from Scorpio (Saturn aspects 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from its position).

Saturn is already aspecting Leo for the past 2 years. Supreme court banned Jallikattu 2 years back since when the people were silently revolting against the government. Now when the Sun comes to Saturn’s house, it is trapped. The government is trapped by the people.

Aquarius is a faithful, humanitarian but rebellious rasi (house).

Chart on 17th


By 17th, the Moon has already moved to Virgo and is with Jupiter. The crowd has already been pulled. The Moon did its job.

We also see how crowded Aquarius is. Along with Ketu we also have Mars and Venus there.

Mars represents energy, courage, initiative and action, and most of all, Mars represents youth. Mars also represents police.

Venus is well-located here in the house of Saturn, which is its friend’s house. It has the potential to transform the energy to devotion and cosmic love. Venus also represents feminine.

Saturn represented the people in the protest. Ketu in Aquarius represented a satvic protest, Mars represented the protest initiated by the youth, and Venus represented the participation of women in the protest and the cosmic love that existed among people in the protest.

Since Saturn also represents responsibility, hard work and discipline, we saw how the people cleaned up the place they were using, distributed food and water as they took up a great responsibility on their shoulders; to fight for democracy; to fight for justice.

We also see how the police was in support with the people. This is because Mars also represents the police and it was with the people, in Aquarius at this time.

Chart on 23rd – the climax

23chartHow is the chart on 23rd different from 15th and 17th? There are two changes we see here. Moon is now with Saturn and Mars has now moved to Pisces.

Mars moves out thus weakening the strength in Aquarius. Saturn with Moon creates fear in the mind. That’s what happened. People ran with fear of being beaten up. Scorpio is Mars’s own house. Fortunately, Scorpio is a water sign. If Saturn and Moon were in Aries, which is a fire sign also owned by Mars, the violence would have been more intense with huge fire damage.

All this violence happened in the Saturn Rahu dasa (Saturn dasa Rahu bukthi). Do we see a pattern here?

Saturn was put to silence through fear but Saturn, the planet of justice, achieved its justice through this humungous historic protest.

Great mysteries always wait ahead of us!! Let’s bow to time and honor it!!


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