The God Particle


As a child in school, I remember studying the atomic structure, where the protons and neutrons occupied the center (nucleus) and were orbited by the electrons. This was Rutherford’s nuclear (planetary) model and Neil Bohr’s. This rings a bell, right?

As per that, a vast majority of the mass of an atom was packed in the nucleus. The orbiting electrons were said to carry no mass.

For many years scientists studied matter, only to find out today that matter in fact does not exist and are actually waves (energy).

Today they say that our physical reality isn’t really physical at all (that which spirituality kept saying for ages)… quite a discovery in quantum physics.

This means that all physical entities in the universe are made up of only waves, or energies. This also means that what seems real is not actually real. Isn’t this what we refer to as “Maya” in spirituality? Perhaps. Something that seems to be tangible to the five senses but is actually not. Wow!!

An atom was once believed to be the smallest particle. Today, particle physics talks about subatomic particles, including the recent addition called the Higgs Boson, otherwise referred to as the “God particle”. Though the Higgs Boson is said to have non-zero mass, it decays into other particles almost immediately.

The Higgs Boson passes through an energy field called the Higgs Field. Scientists think this Higgs field exists throughout the universe, anywhere and everywhere. Since it exists everywhere, all particles must pass through it, and as they pass through this field they are given mass. The mass is not generated by the Higgs field itself, but the mass is given to the particles from the Higgs field via the Higgs Bosons. Once the field has passed on the mass to the massless particle, the particle slows down as it is now heavier. If not for the Higgs field, all particles will be massless, will not be able to attract each other and will hence float around at the speed of light. There would be no gravity too. So, no you and no me. Can’t imagine that, right?

If Higgs field is everywhere in the universe,  it means it is all permeating. It is omnipresent.

In spirituality, we talk about the whole universe being made up of the consciousness. Everything in this universe is the play and display of this consciousness. This is That from which everything is made. Everything is born from That and dissolves into that. It is the infinity. It is all permeating and is neither born nor will it die. That which has no gender. That which is neither He nor She. It is a field. It is what we call “The Brahman“. It is what we call “The God“. It is the higher consciousness; it is that we call as Shiva. This is the Brahman principle. This is the Shiva Tatva (“Shi-va” means “that which is not”).

Is the Higgs field the ultimate one? Or, are the scientists yet to find that Brahman field / principle? Maybe or maybe not. Their journey continues. 

For a spiritualist, seeing the Brahman principle, becoming one with the higher consciousness, one with Shiva is not too far.

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