Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio ends

After the prolonged wait, Mars Saturn alliance in Scorpio (7 month period) is officially over on September 18th. This is a good news indeed.

Mars is the planet of desires, courage, passion, enthusiasm, aggression, and anger. Mars is malefic and represents fire.

Regarding occupation, Mars represents soldiers, police, military, surgeons, engineers, builders, sportsmen / women.

So, how is Mars in Scorpio?

Scorpio is Mars’s own sign, the other being Aries. Scorpio is an emotional water sign. Mars in Scorpio makes it emotional.  The fire heats up the water.

Mars in Scorpio – revenge is long lasting. One can run a car over you even after 3 years with a long lasting revenge J.

Saturn is in Scorpio since November 2014. Saturn is a slow moving planet and takes about 2 ½ years to move from one house to the other. Saturn indicates Discipline, democratic, teacher, responsibilities, organized skills, focus, detachment, depression, longevity, reality, labor, hard work, mining, rocks, bone.

So what is it for Mars to join hands with Saturn in Scorpio?

Simple. Mars takes over Saturn’s energy, since Mars is the ruler of Scorpio.

To recall, some of the major events during this 7 month period

Equador, Italy, Japan earth quakes

Britain Exit EU after referendum

Several clashes between countries

Flight crashes, Airport attacks

Rio Olympics

Successful nuclear tests, rocket launches

Challenges to democracy in countries

Death of Muhammed Ali

Cavery dispute and revolt (burning buses, self immolation)


Indian Soldiers killed at Uri Cantonment

And the list can on… leave it for you to research and analyze.

All these events are in one way or the other related to fire, military, police, sports (all of these represent Mars), democracy issues (Mars Saturn association). Mars has used all of Saturn’s energy along with its own during this period.

Individually, based on which house Scorpio represents in one’s chart, the implications vary. For example, if Scorpio was the 7th house in an individual’s chart, there could have been issues with relationships (anger, fight). Overall, individuals would have undergone gastro intestinal issues such as indigestion, food poisoning. Other implications could be bone issues such as arthritis or issues such as ligament tear, fracture or a simple sprain. Some might have also had teeth issues.

 So, is Mars Saturn association always bad?

Well, Mars and Saturn are malefics, however, if Saturn and Mars are good in one’s chart, the effects are beneficial too. With the passion from Mars and focus from Saturn, this period could have been great for individuals to achieve their goals. Many would have experienced this too.

There were several successful rocket launches that we saw and some interesting sports events like Rio Olympics that we enjoyed!!

This is all based on my observation and analysis. Quite interesting though.

As I always say, honor time and yes, chant Om Namah Shivaya to overcome planetary challenges!!




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